When a student is absent from school, it is the responsibility of the parent/ guardian to notify the Attendance Office by telephone or written note within two days of the absence.
    The Attendance Office phone number: (626) 974-6200.
    *An absence not cleared within two days may be considered unexcused. Students will be assigned Saturday School for truancies, unexcused absences, and excessive tardies.



    It is important for students and parents to be aware of the Tardy Policy for South Hills High School. It is critically important to remember that SHHS students are expected to arrive on time to school and to all classes every day. Late arrivals disrupt the learning atmosphere for all students in a classroom. Students are expected to comply with the tardy policy every day of the school year. Students who are in violation of the tardy policy will be subject to consequences, which will be consistently and equitably enforced by all teachers and administrators.

    1st Step:

    4th Tardy

    • Teacher intervention (such as teacher assigned detention or lowering of citizenship grade)
    • Teacher will make parent contact and notify the student’s counselor

    2nd Step

    9th Tardy

    • Referral to Dean or Counselor for lunch detention or Saturday School Assignment
    • Parent notification
    • Possible loss of extracurricular activities/student privileges (such as off-campus lunch pass and dances)

    3rd Step:

    Excessive Tardies

    • Dean/Parent/Student Conference. 
    • Possible removal from class.
    • Revocation of permit, if applicable. 


    Periodically, South Hills High School will conduct a tardy sweep to further encourage students to arrive to class on time. It is our belief that students maximize their opportunities for academic achievement when they arrive to class promptly. It is also important that students are on time to class so that we can help ensure student safety. If a student is caught in a tardy sweep during periods 1 – 4 he or she will be served lunch detention that day. If the student is caught in a tardy sweep during periods 5 or 6, he or she will serve the detention the following day. If a student fails to report to lunch detention or shows up late, a Saturday School will be assigned, along with the suspension of off-campus lunch privileges.