NEU Parent

NEU Parent
  • You know you are a No Excuses University Parent if:

    • You help your child establish long-term and short-term goals
    • You provide your child with opportunities to explore their passions, discover their talents and identify their unique gift.
    • You model strong character traits for your child when s/he is and is not looking
    • You talk to your child every day about their accomplishments and what they intend to accomplish the next day
    • You read to your child and you allow them to see you use reading to enhance your life
    • You hold your child accountable for their decisions
    • You encourage your child to dream big
    • You partner with your child’s NEU school and work with your child’s teachers to help your child grow
    • You provide a safe and nurturing environment at home that allows your child to feel loved and supported
    • You demonstrate for your child what hard work looks like and how it’s used to achieve your goals