Helpful Resources

  • (1) On-Line Grade Check

    Visit the Parent Portal 

    (2) Upcoming Quiz/Test

    Quiz Practice; Test Practice
    2nd Semester Final: June 5 to June 7
    Test on Ch. 11 (11-1 to 11-5, 11-8): Wed, 5/29/13

    (3) Fix Your Grade

    Improve the Class Grade, check the grade improvement file

    (4) Tutoring

    a. Tutorial Period right after Period 2
    b. Private Tutoring offered by Calculus Students: For a listing, send Mrs. Chan an email

    (5) Useful Links

    a. Homework Help Links

    i. Hot Math (step-by-step answers on odd-numbered problems)

    ii. Resource Collection (large collection of online resources related to high school math)

    iii. Library of Virtual Manipulatives (online manipulatives that help you to understand Algebraic concepts)

    iv. Web Math (step-by-step solutions to your actual problems)

    v. (help from Algebra I to Calculus)

    vi. Illuminations (108 visual activities)

    vii. Cool Math (free online graphing calculator)

    viii. Wikipedia (free encyclopedia)

    b. College/SAT/ACT Links

    i. College Board website (SAT college entrance test & college opportunity/success information)

    ii. Major Tests - SAT (free study material for SAT I)

    iii. ACT Website (ACT college entrance test & college opportunity)