• Attention all Huskies & future Huskies!

    If you are interested in joining ASB for the 2024-2025 school year, please see the information below:

    Congratulations to Leia Lopez and Anthony Andino for being elected the 2024-2025 ASB Presidents.
    ASB applications are NOW OPEN! All applications are due by May 1st.
    Interviews will be May 7th - 24th.


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ASB Leadership

  • Congratulations to those who made our 2023-2024 Leadership Class! It was a very competitive year, and we had some incredible applicants.

    If you did not make the class this year, we deeply apologize and wish you the best in your upcoming year. Thank you for applying, and if you are going to be an incoming 9th, 10th, or 11th grader, we encourage you to reapply next year.

    For those of you who made ASB, we will have a mandatory meeting at South Hills in the Student Union on Friday, June 16th, from 2:30-4:00 pm.

  • President: Annalise Mora
    Vice President: Aundria Torres

  • Activities

    1. Jacob Dominguez
    2. Sadeen Suleyman
    3. Lily Romero
    4. Anthony Andino


    1. Talin Suleyman
    2. Liv Quezada
    3. Allen Chairez 
    4. Leia Lopez 

    Havoc in the Hills

    1. Michelle Barajas
    2. Jayden Arnold
    3. Mackenzie Willison
    4. Krista Chavez


    1. Mickayla Martinez
    2. Sophia Cruz
    3. Arianna Alvarado


    1. Leilani Cruz (Lead)
    2. Adam Torres
    3. Reylene Torres
    4. Sydney Lopez


    1. Sydney Tran (Lead)
    2. Brianna Barragan
    3. Lea Robinson 
    4. Jocelyn Montejano
    5. Mia Dacpano

    Student Recognition

    1. Natalia Breitenbach (Lead)
    2. Eulalia Navarro
    3. Liliana Yuriar
    4. Ahriana Chavez
    5. Megan Tran


    1. Samantha Vargas (Lead)
    2. Mia Del Real 
    3. Cruz Valdez
  • On Call

    1. Sebastian Mehraban
    2. Andrew Morales
    3. Juliana Don Lucas
    4. Johann Maldonado
    5. Tanaz Moghadam
    6. Kelsey Medina
    7. Sean Jones
    8. Landon Hansen
    9. Olivia Rogers
    10. Alexandria Estrada

    Spirit Lead

    1. Noah Malone


    1. Kayla Sigala
    2. Zoe Del Muro
    3. Elias Reyes


    1. Kaylie Ordaz


    1. LeiLonnie Kolb


    1. Matthew Carranza
    2. Kaitlyn Thang
    3. Veronica Conchas


    1. Marcus Arias (Lead)
    2. DJ Linenberger (Co-Lead)
    3. Mauricio Perez
    4. Christian Hernandez


    1. Kayla Dumlao
    2. Charlotte Wright
    3. Valeria Conchas
  • Senior Class Cabinet
    President: Victoria Pupiro
    Vice President: Madelyn Nunez
    Secretary: Juliana Sarmiento
    Treasurer: Alyssa Alvarado

    Junior Class Cabinet
    President: Kaitlyn Crouse
    Vice President: Jason Flores
    Secretary: Madison Brizo
    Treasurer: Amaris Cardenas

    Sophomore Class Cabinet
    President: Eric Pasillas
    Vice President: Sophie Simonian
    Secretary: Ava Goreen
    Leah Navarro

    Freshmen Class Cabinet 
    President: Reese Loy
    Vice President: Jordyn Le
    Secretary: Catherine Wright
    Treasurer: Lilian Lopez