• Traweek takes pride to ensure that all students reach their full academic and personal potential.  This means creating engaging and enriching learning opportunities for students with advanced academic skills and high academic achievement capability.  Research suggests, and our practices confirm, that these needs are best supported by increasing depth, complexity and rigor to daily lessons.  We focus on the learning needs of advanced students through our GATE/Honors program at Traweek. 

    This year we will hold at least two GATE Advisory Meetings with parents and two additional meetings with faculty.  In the past, these meetings have been instrumental in developing new, innovative ways to offer enrichment for our GATE/Honors students.  Some of the new ideas that we have implemented through these meetings have been: fieldtrips to JPL, The Getty, Huntington Library, and a myriad of local museums; entering a team in the USC Robotics Competition through STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Math), Several Saturday Academies targeting our GATE/Honors students, and much more.  

    The staff and faculty at Traweek are eager to continue to work with our students, families, and community to further establish engaging learning opportunities through our GATE/Honors program.  We are maintaining our current programs that have proven effective and continue to introduce new opportunities to our extraordinary students. 

    If you have specific questions about our GATE/Honors program, or if you would like to be involved in our GATE Advisory Committee, please contact our counselor, Christina Rojas, by phone or email.