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    You can now check your child’s AR progress from home! You can even sign up for e-mails that let you know when your child takes an AR test.  All you need is a computer that is hooked up to the Internet and an email account.

    STEP 1:

    Go to:
    Home Connect Website

    STEP 2:

    Type in your child’s username and password

    User Name: Lunch Number + cvusd
    Password: Lunch Number
    User Name: 1234cvusd
    Password: 1234


    STEP 3:

    You will see a screen that says:
    "This is your child’s AR record. It shows you the last test your child took, the score, your child’s average reading level, average percent correct and the number of points he or she has earned. You can click to see the current marking period or the entire school year's data."


    STEP 4:

    From here you can click on View My Bookshelf. This will show you all the books your child has read this school year. If you click on a specific book, it will then show you the date your child took the test, the score your child earned and what reading level it was.


    STEP 5:

    Click on E-mail Setup. This allows you to receive e-mails regarding your child’s AR progress.


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    Step 6:

    Complete the form and click Done