Course Outline

  • 7th Grade Life Science
    Course Outline
    Ms. Jen Bejarano



    1. Prentice-Hall – Focus on Life Science textbook
    2. Focus on Life Science Guided Reading and Study Workbook


    1. School binder
    2. Loose-leaf binder paper
    3. Pencils and pens (various colors)
    4. Colored pencils or crayons (a must)
    5. Whiteboard marker
    6. Agenda


    1. Cell Biology and Genetics
    2. Evolution and Earth Science
    3. Structure and Function in Living Things
    4. Human Body Systems 


    Upon the successful completion of Honors Life Science, students should have a reasonable understanding of the following concepts:

    1. All living organisms are composed of cells, from just one to many trillions, whose details usually are visible only through a microscope.
    2. A typical cell of any organism contains genetic instructions that specify its traits. Those traits may be modified by environmental influences.
    3. Biological evolution accounts for the diversity of species developed through gradual processes over many generations.
    4. Evidence from rocks allows us to understand the evolution of life on Earth.
    5. The anatomy and physiology of plants and animals illustrate the complementary nature of structure and function.
    6. Physical principles underlie biological structures and functions.
    7. Scientific progress is made by asking meaningful questions and conducting careful investigations.


    A number of instructional modes will be used in this course.  They will include:

    1. Lectures – EFI and Thinking Maps
    2. Laboratory experiments
    3. Videos
    4. Group work
    5. Individual assignments
    6. Projects


    This class is graded on a point system basis.  The following criteria will determine students’ grades:

    1. Daily assignments (heavy emphasis on Thinking Maps and Graphic Organizers for EFI lessons)
    2. Tests/quizzes
    3. Labs
    4. Group assignments
    5. Projects
    6. Unfinished classwork (homework)

    It is extremely important that students understand the importance of handing classwork in on time.  Students will largely be evaluated according to daily work in class and missing assignments may greatly adversely affect students’ grades.  When absent, students must make up all of the assignments and tests missed.  The assignments are posted on a class calendar for student use.  Work is also available on under Bejarano or 91723.


    Each student’s goal should be to accumulate all points that are possible on a daily basis.  Students will have access to their grade with me regularly.  Reports are only mailed home for students who have fallen below a C-.  Please utilize the school’s online program to view your child’s grade.  My grades are updated daily for your convenience and any missing work will be posted for your viewing.


    1. Follow rules the first time given (especially procedural expectations)
    2. Respect all property (refrain from writing in books and on desks, sitting on tables, etc.)
    3. Treat others as you would like to be treated (name-calling, teasing, cussing and horse playing are prohibited) 
    4. Help keep our classroom a neat and orderly place to learn
    5. Be accountable for your actions
    6. Arrive to class prepared and ready to learn


    1. Note/email home
    2. Seating privileges
    3. Occasional end-of-class free time


    1. Verbal warning
    2. Second warning
    3. Infraction

    Please read through this outline with your parents/guardians.  After reviewing it, obtain a signature and return this page to Ms Bejarano.  It is worth 10 points and is your first homework grade.  Please keep the first pages in a safe place for future reference.  Do not throw them away.

    I look forward to a fun and exciting year!

    Ms. Bejarano

    Many times, parents ask how they may help.  As you know, with our economic challenges in education, teachers are always grateful for extra supplies.  J  With such a large number of students, we oftentimes run out of the items listed below pretty quickly.  If you would like to make a donation to my classroom, it would be very much appreciated! 

    -Ms. Bejarano’s Classroom Wish List-

    • PAPER-all kinds gladly accepted-construction, colored, typing, lined, etc.
    • Pens/pencils
    • Glue- glue sticks and white glue
    • Paperclips
    • Scissors
    • Colored pencils/crayons/markers
    • Tape
    • Staples/staplers
    • Whiteboard markers
    • Hand sanitizer


    Student’s name:  _________________________________________ 

    Period:  ____________

    I agree to try my best in Life Science this year and agree to the items listed in the course outline.  I will follow classroom rules and procedures to ensure a safe and effective learning environment. 

    Student’s signature: _______________________________________


    I/we have read the above course outline and will help reinforce the items noted to ensure my/our child’s success in Life Science.  I understand that if an issue arises, I will be contacted via cell phone or email.

    Parent/guardian’s signature:  ________________________________

    Date:  _____________________

    Cell phone #:  _____________________________

    Work phone #:  _____________________________

    Parent/guardian’s email address:  ________________________________

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