Common Core

  • What is Common Core?

    Common Core Pamphlet

    Common Core: Paths to 21st Century Success

    • Innovative Problem Solvers-Investigating real-word problems and finding creative ways to solve them
    • Creative Communicators: Exploring different points of view and using evidence to support and express ideas
    • Critical Thinkers: Analyzing complex topics and learning academic vocabulary to navigate different subjects
    • Investigative Explorers: Developing research skills and using technology to find solutions
    • Versatile Readers: Learning about the world with challenging fiction and non-fiction texts
    • Resourceful Learners: Building a strong foundation of skills and expanding on those abilities every year

    21st-Century College and Career Skills: Colleges and employers are seeking people to solve the problems of tomorrow. Here are 3 TOP SKILLS students will need for college and career success in the 21st century:

    • Adaptive Problem Solving: Versatile individuals who approach problems in creative ways
    • Collaborative Communication: Global thinkers who express themselves effectively and work with people all over the world
    • Digital Fluency: Tech-savvy workers who use technical and digital media skills in their everyday work