Saturday Academic School

  • Originally, Saturday School existed as a consequence for unexcused absences or behavior issues. It is not only an important practice for recovering average daily attendance (ADA) but now gives students more quiet time to study or do homework with additional instruction available.

    Currently, Northview High School is offering a Saturday Academic School whereby teachers representing English, Math, and other core academic departments will be at school on Saturday starting at 7:55 a.m. and ending at 12:05 p.m. to support student learning with extra instructional minutes. Computer/Internet use may be available.

    Who attends Saturday Academic School?

    • Students who have been assigned detention hours that need to be cleared
    • Students wishing for extra instruction and/or a quiet place to study and complete homework

    Important Notes:

    • If a student behaves poorly or refuses to cooperate with the teacher they will be asked to leave Saturday Academic School and will not receive credit.
    • Cancellations may occur due to lack of teacher availability or school holiday weekend.  

    Please call us with questions.

2023-2024 Dates

Scheduled Saturday School Dates