Student Learning Outcomes

Student Learning Objective
  • Student Learning Outcomes

    South Hills High School: Show what you know

    Knowledgeable 21st Century Learners

    Essential Characteristics: Students will be college and career ready to ensure success in the path they choose.

    Measured by:

    • GPA
    • “A-G” Completion Rates
    • College Application & Admittance Rates
    • Work Permits Issued
    • Naviance Usage
    • Graduation Rates
    • 21st Century Technology skills
    • Career Pathway Completion
    • Attendance at College Visits and Fairs
    • Early Assessment Program Results
    • IB/AP Class Participation
    • Biliteracy Seal Attainment

    Responsible Contributing Citizens

    Essential Characteristics: Students will use their acquired knowledge to evaluate, to determine individual beliefs, and to take action to impact their own world and global community in positive ways.

    Measured by:

    • Club Participation
    • Sports Involvement
    • Engagement
    • Attendance
    • Behavior/Suspension Rates
    • Community Service
    • Work Permits Issued
    • Peer Tutoring
    • Mediation Participation
    • Participants in Social Issues
    • Risk Takers
    • Rigorous Classes

    Effective Communicators

    Essential Characteristics: Students will show what they know through critical writing, discussion, performing, listening, and speaking.

    Measured by:

    • Essay Writing
    • Classroom Discussions
    • Performances
    • Active Listening
    • Speaking Articulately
    • Student Engagement
    • Formative and Summative Assessments
    • Use of Technology

    Critical Thinkers

    Essential Characteristics: Students will acquire knowledge and technological skills to reason, question, make decisions, and solve problems.

    Measured by:

    • Academic Growth through Analyzing, Connecting, and Evaluating
    • Presentations
    • Writing
    • Discussion
    • Assessment
    • International Baccalaureate Class Participation
    • Attendance at After School Tutoring
    • 21st Century Technology Skills