Requirements For A High School Diploma

  • English 30 Credits
    Science 20 Credits
    Mathematics 20 Credits
    (Must include 10 credits of Algebra)  
    U.S. History  10 Credits
    World History, Cultures & Geography 10 Credits
    Foreign Language/Fine Arts 10 Credits
    U.S. Government 5 Credits
    Economics 5 Credits
    Electives, exclusive of Physical Education 45 Credits
    Health 5 Credits

    Candidates for a high school diploma must complete at least 10 Adult Credits in residence. Veterans of United States Armed Forces have met residency requirements.


Academic Courses Online

  • All academic courses are now taught online through a program called PLATO.  Being online allows us to offer many choices with up-to-date materials which students find relevant.  It also meets California Academic Standards, and in most cases, qualifies for A-G credit.  Courses are often completed quicker because students can work according to their schedule.