Schoolwide Learner Outcomes (CHS Core Values):

  • Compassion, Creativity, Determination, Integrity, Responsibility, Teamwork

    Compassion by:

    • Appreciating diversity in class by demonstrating tolerance and an open mind
    • Learning and understanding different worldviews and cultures
    • Being self-aware and demonstrating behavior that is respectful

    Students who demonstrate Creativity by:

    • Solving problems in innovative ways
    • Showing their creativity through various projects and presentations
    • Performing in various art programs such as band, drama, choir, writing, art, engineering, etc

    Students who demonstrate Determination by:

    • Persevering through failures and struggles
    • Completing rigorous high school curriculum successfully
    • Showing resilience in extracurricular activities

    Students who demonstrate Integrity by:

    • Accepting responsibility for their actions
    • Being honest about their learning needs, behavior, and performance with staff

    Students who demonstrate Responsibility by:

    • Completing goals and responsibilities they set out for themselves
    • Being earnest in the work they complete and honest about their motivations and ability

    Students who demonstrate Teamwork by:

    • Working together towards common goals related to class work and school activities
    • Working together in diverse student groups
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