Mission Statement

  • The mission of the Personnel Services Department of the Covina-Valley Unified School District is to recruit qualified personnel, provide employment information to employees, advise employees on district policies, procedures and regulations, and maintain personnel records in order to support district staff in providing a quality education to all students in an environment that is safe and conducive to learning.

    The Covina-Valley Unified School District is committed to recruiting, employing, developing, supporting and retaining the most outstanding teachers, instructional aides, administrators, substitutes and classified employees in the region. A thorough screening process ensures that Covina-Valley hires only the most qualified and competent certificated, classified and management candidates. The District is dedicated to creating a positive and effective 21st-century learning environment in which all staff and students can be successful. The Personnel Services Department is devoted to serving all children within our District by providing qualified and professional staffing. We value diversity and work to promote fair and equitable employment practices. This department is a key resource, not only for recruiting but also for current certificated and classified employees. The staff is responsible for providing information on credential monitoring and renewal, job share opportunities, transfers, leaves of absences, labor and employee relations, state and federal compliance, benefits, health and safety, and retirement information.

    Covina-Valley boasts a stable workforce with little turnover resulting in schools with a stable, consistent base of educators who are current on the latest teaching strategies and tools. When new teachers join our professional workforce, they are mentored by experienced colleagues and obtain substantial training to ensure their instruction aligns with the Common Core grade-level standards. A strong support system is in place on each campus to coach new teachers, provide feedback, and assist with classroom management. The focus of the Personnel Services Department is to build and maintain a foundation of employee excellence that supports and advances the mission, vision, and goals of the District.

    Our District teachers hold either single subject or multiple subject credentials. In addition, a significant number of our teachers also hold advanced degrees. Those who are provisionally credentialed are attending courses at local accredited universities to obtain full certification.

    While Covina-Valley is a progressive mid-sized district, we maintain a hometown atmosphere, where employees know each other by name, and where camaraderie is evident. One of the reasons why employees come and stay in our district is because every employee is treated with respect, care, and professionalism. Covina-Valley Unified School District’s salaries and benefit plans are comparable or better than other school districts, making Covina-Valley a comfortable home for all of its employed team members.