Citizen's Bond Oversight Committee

  • Covina-Valley Unified School District has successfully passed three general obligation bonds totaling $245 million, for new construction, renovations, and upgrades to District facilities. In order to provide greater accountability and enhance communications to District taxpayers regarding taxpayer-financed school construction projects, the Board of Education formed a Citizen's Bond Oversight Committee. The original Citizen's Bond Oversight Committee was formed in 2001. After the passage of Measure K, the committee has continued with the passage of Measure C in 2006 and Measure CC in 2012. In addition, since the 2006 Measure C election was conducted under Proposition 39 ("The Strict Accountability in Local School Construction Bonds Act of 2000"), the District is now required by law to maintain its Citizen's Bond Oversight Committee. The seven members of the Committee represent a broad spectrum of our community. Members serve two-year terms, meeting a minimum of once per year to review the District's progress on its Measure CC projects.

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