Volunteer Information

  • All volunteers must complete an application and allow our office to scan and take a copy of a valid CA Driver’s License or CA Identification Card before they are able to help on campus

    Classroom Helpers-

    All classroom helpers must have a designated time to come into the classroom with the teacher BEFORE coming on campus

    Field Trips-

    Teachers may choose to ask parents to chaperone a field trip. Parents may not attend a field trip without clearance, fingerprints, and a TB test (at their personal expense) The office has the necessary forms and can help you with the clearance process.

    What We Expect-

    We expect our volunteers to follow an appropriate dress code. Clothes should fit correctly, not show excessive skin, be an appropriate length, and not contain disrespectful logos/sayings/pictures. Our volunteers are very important role models. The way volunteers dress and behave on campus should support our college and career readiness goals.