Device Donation Plan

  • The Covina-Valley Unified School District is excited to launch a take-home student device initiative. Under this initiative, students will be loaned either a Chromebook (high school) or Lenovo laptop computer (grades 4-8) for use on school-related projects and assignments. Technology use is an important part of education. We look forward to using these devices to deliver core content and curriculum. In addition, these devices are an integral part of teaching digital citizenship in a 21st Century learning environment.

Approximate Repair/Replacement Costs for Devices

  • N42

  • N23

  • N24

  • 300E

What Does the Plan Cover?

  • Covered

    • In order to cover the District’s costs for the ongoing care, repair, and maintenance of the Electronic Devices, the District is asking for a voluntary donation in the amount of forty dollars ($40.00). The voluntary donation will cover one school year (August 1 to July 30). Students shall be provided with an Electronic Device regardless of whether a voluntary donation is made.
    • Voluntary donations will NOT be returned if the student’s specific device does not require repair or maintenance during the course of the school year.


    • The voluntary donation does not cover the replacement of lost or stolen Electronic Devices or associated accessories. Parents or guardians of minor students shall remain liable for lost or stolen Electronic Devices.
    • The voluntary donation does not cover the replacement or repair of any Electronic Device or associated accessories that have been willfully damaged or destroyed. Parents or guardians of minor students shall remain liable for any Electronic Device that is willfully damaged or destroyed.
    • Pursuant to District Administrative Regulation 5125.2 and Education Code Section 48904, the District may withhold a student’s grades, diploma, and transcripts for failure to return the Electronic Device or for failure to pay for the willful damage or destruction of the Electronic Device.
    • The voluntary donation does NOT apply to the care, repair, or maintenance of any personal electronic device used by the student. The District Technology Support Services Department does not provide care, maintenance, or support for any personal electronic devices, including laptops or Chromebooks.

    Full Electronic Device Agreement