Frequently Asked Questions

  • Here are some of the questions most frequently asked by our parents, students, and prospective band members.

    1. How does my child join the band?

      Most of our students come from our middle school music programs. However, if your child is interested in joining our program, please contact our band director; he will be happy to talk with you.

    2. What if my child can’t attend a practice or rehearsal?

      Our programs depend upon every student fulfilling his/her part, both on the field and off. We aren’t able to practice effectively if students are frequently absent. We understand that occasionally due to illness or other unforeseen events students may be absent. Please refrain from scheduling doctor’s appointments or other activities during practice or rehearsal times. 

    3. My child has allergies and needs to take medication. How do I proceed?

      If your child needs to self-administer medication, parents or guardians need to fill out the Form for Self-Medication. Once it is complete, please return it to the band directors.

    4. What is Band Boosters?

      Band Boosters is a parent-led, board-governed organization with two functions:  manage the money needed every year to run all the band programs and secure volunteers needed each season for assisting with various programs.  The Boosters work closely with the Band Director and the Band Staff on all band needs.