Arts Electives

  • Students are encouraged to take as many art electives as possible to give them a more well-rounded academic experience.

    Musical Arts

    In addition to a very strong UC approved Vocal and Instrumental program featuring the Northview Choirs and the "Spirit of Northview" Marching Band, the FAME academy also has UC approved Music Appreciation classes as well as very active Guitar classes. Future FAME projects will benefit from the variety of these student groups.

    Performance Arts

    These courses expose students to acting technique and character study, directing, and original writing, as well as introducing them to the basics of costume and set design. Advanced performance students will continue to expand their knowledge and depth of experience through student-written and directed performances, dialect work and musical theater. In addition, students are encouraged to audition for extra-curricular productions produced by our department.


    Students in the Photography program will learn the fundamentals of Digital Photography as a means of self-expression and visual communication. Photo courses emphasize a solid foundation in the technical, aesthetic, and conceptual aspects of Photographic Art and prepare students for further study of Photography in higher education or introductory level employment in the field. The Photography program maintains a Digital Photo Lab equipped with Macintosh computers, a lighting studio, DSLR and point-and-shoot cameras for check out, an Epson professional large format inkjet printer, and matting/framing equipment.

    Visual Arts

    Courses offer an exciting and vast array of art techniques, as well as the latest in art design and concepts. All students can participate in on-going contests or art shows on campus and within the community. Students that have mastered basic techniques and skill are encouraged to enroll in AP Studio Ar