Professional Theatre

  • This pathway consists of:

    • Introduction to Theater
    • Play Production
    • Advanced Acting

    Introduction to Theater students receive a general overview of theater as a whole.

    They study:

    • voice
    • tone
    • projection of voice
    • body movement/language
    • scene work
    • classic plays
    • and staged readings of contemporary plays.

    The goal of this first class is to help our students find their voice as they are asked to write, direct, act and produce their own work.

    Introduction to Theater is followed by Play Production and Advanced Acting.


    Play Production

    Play Production teaches our students what it takes to produce of a full theatrical event. Our play production students learn more about advertising and marketing events, stage management, lighting, etc.

    The goal in this pathway is to prepare our students to be able to leave Northview with a working knowledge of all realms of theater so they can pursue all aspects of theater as a career.

    Depending on enrollment, this pathway ends with Advanced Acting or Play Production II. A culminating event for all classes is an outside production. Our teacher facilitates these events. Our students have seen play productions such as Hello, Dolly! and Wicked.

    Our Theater Arts presents four productions a year, two of which are entirely student produced.

    Students are responsible for auditions, rehearsals, stage management, all technical aspects, and performance, as well as front of house (tickets, concessions, publicity etc.) The final production of the year is also student written.

    Our FAME theater track also presents a 6-week Saturday program for Elementary and Jr High School students which introduces them to some of the basics of storytelling, creating characters, improvisation exercises, and short scene work. This program is designed and run by FAME students. Our theater arts teacher has over 35 years of professional theater experience in both performing and directing.