• Our Animation Pathway was added to the Visual and Performing Art department in the Fall of 2016. This course fulfills the UC and CSU freshman eligibility requirement in Visual Performing arts and completes the VAPA graduation requirement. This is a single year course that is taken after completion of the prerequisite course Art Appreciation. After completion of this course, students may continue down this Visual Art Pathway with a third year of Visual Arts by enrolling in Digital Animation.

    Digital Animation is an introductory course which is the capstone course for this pathway. This course is for all students interested in computer-generated three-dimensional modeling and texturing. Students will learn techniques used to create virtual models of environments, buildings, machines, vehicles, people, and animals, as used for computer animation, interactive game, and design visualization.

    Students will be introduced to the concepts of:

    • isometric design drawing
    • working in virtual space
    • building and manipulating curves and surfaces
    • modeling 3-D objects
    • texturing surfaces
    • managing data files.

    The final course is Advanced Digital Animation. Completion of these three courses qualifies our students for completion of this pathway.