Patient Care

  • Northview has had Sports Medicine courses for almost a decade. As interest in these courses grew, we worked to develop a pathway for our students.

    Our Patient Care pathway stems from the CTE: Health Science and Medical Technology curriculum. In this pathway, students study the basic structures and functions of the human body.

    This pathway encompasses two classes: Physical Therapy and Advanced Sports PT.

    Sports Physical Therapy teaches human anatomy and physiology within the context of sports injuries and medical needs. Students learn how the many systems of the body interact with one another and adapt to the demands placed on the body by sports. Our students also learn how to analyze, recognize and correct muscle compensations/strength and conditioning techniques. In addition, students in this pathway class spend time outside the classroom learning the prevention, recognition, evaluation, and treatment of athletic injuries.

    Advanced Sports PT focuses on the clinical skills and proficiencies necessary to function in the field of athletic training.
    These include but are not limited to:

    • Creative rehabilitative techniques
    • Therapeutic modalities
    • Prevention, recognition, and care of injuries to the upper extremity, trunk, head, and face; injuries to the young athlete
    • Drugs in sports and modern issues in sports medicine.

    Students in this pathway can move on to explore careers in nursing or physical therapy.