Public Safety

  • In the public safety pathway, students will learn about the theories, principles, and techniques used in occupations that fall under the heading Public Safety, including police, corrections, and homeland security. Policies, procedures, and skills needed in services that provide for the safety and security of people and property and prevention of theft and damage are included.

    In the Spring of 2016, Northview became host to the San Gabriel Valley Police Explorer program and has become its new home beginning with Class #89.

    The Academy is an integral part of our Public Safety pathway which we started last year. The pathway begins with an entry-level Administration of Justice class and is followed with a course in Forensics. Any student who takes our Administrative Justice course, which is taught by a 28-year retired veteran of the Covina Police Department, also receives 6 college credits, 3 credits per semester. Our Public Safety pathway readies our students with foundational knowledge for a career in Law Enforcement.

    Administration of Justice

    Administration of a Justice is an exploration of the historical development, current operation and future trends of law enforcement.

    Students in this class learn:

    • the definition of laws
    • the enforcement of said law
    • strategies of policing
    • judicial systems
    • emerging forms of justice.

    Introduction to Forensics

    Introduction to Forensics is designed to introduce students to the basic concepts in Forensic Science, beginning with the historical perspectives and covering the use of forensics to investigate and solve crimes.

    Topics include:

    • crime scene evaluation
    • trace evidence
    • impressions
    • fingerprints
    • blood analysis
    • DNA.

    Our students in this pathway gain experience through classroom instruction, hands-on training, and community exercises. This educational foundation will assist students who wish to pursue related professional training at the postsecondary level.

    Student poses with faux crime scene

    Police Explorer Academy student graduates pose with Covina PD and Northview admin