• The Community Advisory Committee (CAC)

    The Community Advisory Committee is an advisory committee to the East San Gabriel Valley Special Education Local Plan Area's (SELPA).

     The purpose of the CAC is:

    • To provide information and resources to families of children with special needs including available services in their district, and additional services outside the district such as regional centers, parent disability information groups, and other community activities. 

    • To collect and provide information regarding parent support group meetings in the community.

    • To build parenting and educational skills in working with students with special needs.

    • To promote positive educational system change and improvement.

     Each district within the SELPA nominates two parents of students with special needs to be CAC members. The nominated CAC members represent their local district within the East San Gabriel Valley SELPA. To become a member of CAC, you must be nominated by your special education director and appointed by your school district board. Membership is a volunteer position and you would serve a two-year term. If you are interested in becoming a CAC member, please contact the Director of Special Education at (626) 974-7000.

    For further information about the CAC, follow the link to the East San Gabriel Valley SELPA CAC page