• Cyberbullying Resources

  • Covina-Valley Board Policy on Cyberbullying

    If You Think Your Child is Being Cyberbullied...

    You can take the following steps:

    • Ask your child specific questions that will help the school investigate the situation.
    • Report what you know to a teacher, counselor, or school administrator.
    • Bring in all evidence to the Dean of Students.


  • Understanding Cyberbullying
    This site provides information on understanding what cyberbullying is and what the negative effects come from it.

    5 Types of Cyberbullying
    This website is written by Bully Topic Writer Sherri Gordon. She explains what the typical 5 types of cyberbullying are and what to look for.

    Standing Up To Cyberbullying
    This site describes age-appropriate guidelines that encourage the kind of responsible, respectful, safe behavior that allows your child to reap the benefits of innovative technology while preventing the spread of online malice.