• English Language Development III

    Mrs. Dye

    Course Description

    English Language Development curriculum addresses both the English Language Development Common Core State Standards (ELD CCSS) and the grade-level English Language Arts Common Core State Standards (ELA CCSS). The Reading standards focus on word analysis, systematic vocabulary development, reading comprehension (focus on informational materials), and literary response and analysis (focus on literature). The Writing standards focus on writing strategies, writing applications, and written and oral English language conventions. The Listening and Speaking standards focus on listening and speaking strategies and speaking applications.

    By acquiring English language proficiency, having the ability to think critically, communicating ideas clearly through writing and speech, and contributing to an effective community, the ability for students to succeed in all their courses and life beyond high school will be strengthened.

    Materials & Resources:

    Anthology: Edge Level C
    Additional short stories and materials selected by the teacher.

    Assessment Methods:

    Formative assessments include pre-reading assignments, such as quick writes, vocabulary, concept mapping, annotations, etc., reading and responses to critical thinking questions and discussions, and grammar assignments.

    Summative assessments include essays, formal presentations, and tests.

    Assessment for articulation and placement of English learners is accomplished through the use of language assessment instruments for listening, oral language, reading, and writing. Students will take the English Language Proficiency Assessments for California (ELPAC) in February. In order for students to be reclassified as Fluent English Proficient (FEP), they must demonstrate all of the following: pass the ELPAC, earn at least a 50% on the District Writing Assessment (DWA), and show a grade of C or better in all classes.

    Failure to turn in an assignment will result in an F for that assignment.


    Overall class grades will be based on the following percentages of student work:

    • Exams and/or Essays 45%
    • Projects/quizzes 25%
    • Classwork and participation 30%

    Cheating or Plagiarism will result in an F.

    100% A+
    92-99% A
    90-91% A-
    88-89% B+
    82-87% B
    80-81% B-
    78-79% C+
    72-77% C
    70-71% C-
    68-69% D+
    62-67% D
    60-61% D-
    0-59% F (This will result
    in 0 credits)

     Classroom Behavior Policies:

    Students should come into the classroom with a positive, mature attitude and a willingness to learn and work to the best of their abilities. Follow the mutually developed, discussed, and agreed upon Classroom Contract posted at the front of the room. Self-discipline, hard work, attentive behaviors, and a positive mindset can lead to success.

    Remember: “Don’t suffer silently.” If you need help, ask.