• US History

    Mr. Rodgers

    Course Description:

    Over the course of the next 10 months, we will be exploring changes and important events that have taken place in our great country. We will dive into military conflicts with foreign powers, as well as conflicts at home with the hope that students will notice patterns of behavior that have led to those conflicts. It is my intention to help students understand that although our country is great, it wasn’t always great, and it may cease to be great someday. By doing so, students will be able to identify what some of our mistakes have been in the past and how we can improve upon them to keep our country going in the right direction.


    Upon completion of this course, students will be able to locate important geographical areas as it pertains to US History. Students will also acquire notetaking skills and use those notes to prepare themselves for tests and quizzes.

    Course Plan:

    Students will be taught in a multitude of ways including direct instruction, reading, PowerPoint presentations, as well as collaborating with fellow students on group projects. Students will be given a quiz at the end of every week as a barometer for their learning and production in class.


    50% of a student’s letter grade will come by way of their classroom assignments, with the other 50% coming from their quizzes and tests. In addition to student motivation and determination, the following characteristics will be very vital to success in this class.

    1. Exceptional attendance
    2. Answering questions
    3. Consistent positive behavior

    Classroom Policies:

    It is very simple to excel in this class. All a student needs to do is put effort into their work, be respectful to me and their fellow students, and be productive. Students need to be mature young adults and take their learning seriously.


    Students must keep their cellphones out of sight throughout their time in class, unless permitted by the teacher. Warnings will be given out if a student is using their phone without permission. If a student continues to use their phone without permission after these warnings, the teacher will then have the phone turned in to the office. Students will have to wait until after school to pick up their phone.

    Grade Breakdown:

    98-100% A+
    94-97% A
    90-93% A-
    87-89% B+
    83-86% B
    80-82% B-
    77-79% C+
    73-76% C
    70-72% C-
    67-69% D+
    63-66% D
    60-62% D-
    0-59% F (This will result
    in 0 credits)

    Download US History Syllabus[PDF]