• Government

    Mr. Hoang

    Course Description:

    Students will pursue a deeper understanding of the institutions of American government. They will compare systems of government in the world today and analyze the life and changing interpretations of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the current state of the legislative, executive and judicial branches of government, An emphasis is placed on analyzing the relationship among federal, state and local governments, with particular attention paid to important historical documents such as the Federalist, These standards represent the culmination of civic literacy as students prepare to vote, participate in community activities and assume the responsibilities of citizenship. Required course of study for 5 credits.

    Learning Objectives:

    Students will develop and utilize a skill set that includes the following:

    • Critical thinking
    • Communication
    • Creativity
    • Collaboration
    • Analyze primary and secondary resources
    • Analyze multiple perspectives of a person, situation, event, era, etc.
    • Utilize technology for research and presentations of learning

    Learning Experiences:

    A variety of instructional strategies are utilized to effectively support all learners. Students are engaged in activities, projects, presentations, research, visual presentations, close readings, observations of documentaries, guest speakers, utilization of graphic organizers and classroom discussions. Reading, writing, listening and speaking are at the foundation of all learning experiences.

    Behavioral Objectives:

    First Six-Week Block:

    • Enlightenment thinkers and concepts of democracy
    • American Revolution
    • Primary Source Documents
    • Articles of Confederation, Constitution, and Bill of Rights
    • Three Branches of Government
    • Division of Power
    • Bills and laws

    Second Six-Week Block:

    • Constitutional Amendments
    • Election Process
    • Voters and voter behavior
    • Political parties, participation
    • Federal, state and local governments
    • Media

    Course Grading:

    A student’s overall six-week course grade will be calculated at 80% derived from all classwork and 20% derived from all assessments. All classwork and standards based assessments are required and must be completed.

    Grading Scale for All Classwork & Each Six-Week Grading Period:

    95-100% A
    90-94% A-
    87-89% B+
    84-86% B
    80-83% B-
    77-79% C+
    74-76% C
    70-73% C-
    67-69% D+
    64-66% D
    60-63% D-
    0-59% F (This will result
    in 0 credits)

    Download Government Syllabus[PDF]