Volunteering in Our Schools

  • Covina-Valley takes great pride in providing a safe and secure learning environment for all of our students and staff. This includes the use of our visitor system, Raptor, and volunteer requirements that are outlined below.

    The Raptor system helps track individuals on our school campuses, thus providing a more monitored environment for our students and staff. When visitors, 1-day volunteers, or contractors check-in, or parents come as visitors on campus, they will be asked to present a valid state-issued identification for us to enter into the system. The system has the ability to provide alerts on people who may jeopardize the safety of the campus. It also has the capacity to track volunteer hours and provide a database of everyone that is on campus in case of an emergency. We want to assure you that the only information that is collected from your valid state-issued identification is already public information such as your name, birth date, and the last several digits of your license number. After your identification is scanned and entered into our database, you will not need to bring your identification again. Each time you arrive on campus, you will check-in at our kiosk located in the front office and you will be issued a sticker that has your picture, name, destination, and time of arrival. When you leave, you will check out at the same kiosk. Further information will be available at your individual school site.

    A volunteer is defined as an individual who, with school district authorization, voluntarily assists school districts, schools, educational programs, or students on a regular and ongoing basis. A volunteer is required to complete a Volunteer Application and have a Megan’s Law Background Check, or a State and/or Federal Background Check completed prior to rendering service. Volunteers must also sign the Volunteers’ Code of Conduct. No volunteer will be allowed to participate until fully cleared by the District office. Below is a list of requirements for a volunteer:

    Volunteers/Chaperones (Classroom or Site Volunteers, Field Trips, Chaperones)
    Those who may have scheduled or unscheduled contact with students for activities and events and may have the opportunity for regular, significant, unsupervised contact with the students in the course of volunteering or chaperoning an event. Prior to commencing services, a Volunteer/Chaperone is required to complete all of the following:

    • Submit a completed application;
    • Provide a copy of a valid California Driver’s License or California ID;
    • Clear Tuberculosis Test or a completed Risk Assessment Questionnaire (Valid for 4 years. Fee to be paid by the applicant.);
    • Undergo a Megan’s Law background check and be fingerprinted through the District’s referral to County LiveScan for submission to the State of California Department of Justice for clearance.
      • Note: All applicant fees will be charged and collected at the time of the LiveScan appointment.
      • DOJ response can take up to 90 days.

    Thank you in advance for your patience and assistance in implementing these new systems and enhanced protocols. Our goal, as always, is to keep our students safe.

    Step 1 - Tuberculosis Test/Risk Assessment

    Every four years, all school volunteers, according to the Education Code, are required to provide evidence of freedom from tuberculosis. The requirement is a Mantoux skin test, which consists of an injection and a follow-up visit for the reading two days later. X-ray examinations in lieu of
    the Mantoux are not acceptable.

    You can either get a TB Test or have a health care provider complete the TB Test Risk Questionnaire.

    You may, if you wish, have the TB test by your own medical provider. Please make him or her aware that state law requires the Mantoux test and that the tine test is not accepted. You may also have the test done at the following health care facility for a fee, which may be paid, by cash or check:

    Irwindale Industrial Clinic
    15768 Arrow Hwy. Irwindale, CA 91706
    Monday through Friday: 7:00am-5:00pm
    Saturday: 8:00am – 1:00pm (No x-rays on Saturday)

    The clinic will provide the follow-up x-ray for those with a positive reading on the Mantoux test, or you may go to your personal physician. The fee for any follow-up x-ray is to be paid by you.

    Please be sure to keep a copy for your records.

    Alternately, the provisions of Assembly Bill (AB) 1667, which became effective on January 1, 2015, allow employees and volunteers to forego the physical TB test and complete a TB risk assessment questionnaire, and if risk factors are identified, would only then require TB testing and examination to determine that the person is free of infectious tuberculosis. The TB risk assessment is to be administered/completed by a licensed health care provider (physician, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, or registered nurse) and results are to be turned in with your application.

    If you have a valid TB test within the past 60 days, you may provide a valid copy showing proof.

    Step 2 - LiveScan Fingerprinting

    The following options are available to complete LiveScan fingerprinting:

    East San Gabriel ROP/TC LiveScan Service
    1501 Del Norte Street
    West Covina, CA 91790
    (626) 472-5155

    Operating Hours:
    Monday through Friday, from 8 am-5 pm
    Online Appointment Scheduling

    Note: All applicant fees will be charged and collected at the time of the LiveScan appointment. (Payable by credit/debit card only)
    U.S. LiveScan
    143 E Rowland St.
    Covina, CA 91723
    (626) 967-0473

    Operating Hours:
    Monday through Thursday, from 9am- 6pm
    Friday, 9am-4pm

    No appointment needed. Walk-ins welcome.

    Note: All applicant fees will be charged and collected at the time of the LiveScan appointment.

    Print the following form and take it to your appointment filled out:
    Request for LiveScan Service

    Step 3 - Online Volunteer Application

    Do not start this step until you have completed step 1 and 2. Please scan a copy of your TB test so you can upload it as part of the application. Once this is done, click the link below to start your application.

    Volunteer Online Application