• Preschool Eligibility Information

    Preschool children, ages 3 to 5 years old, may qualify for special education services if they have one of the eligible disabilities listed on the eligibility information page or an "established medical disability."  An "established medical disability" is a disabling medical condition or congenital syndrome very likely to require special education services.

    In California, children with disabilities younger than three (3) years of age may also qualify for early intervention, which help enhance their development.  Children who qualify for early intervention services will receive services from the District if they have solely a visual, hearing, or severe orthopedic impairment.  All other children in this age range who exhibit developmental delays or have established risk conditions with harmful developmental consequences will receive early intervention services from their local regional center.

    If you know a child who has (or you suspect they have) one or more of the disabilities listed on the eligibility information page, please call the Covina-Valley Special Education Office at (626) 974-7000 extension 800107.