• Covina-Valley Unified School District actively supports the concept of providing a safe, positive atmosphere on its campuses.  In order to allow all students to excel, to feel physically and emotionally secure, to establish tolerance for everyone, to exercise personal responsibility and good judgment, and to focus on learning, a middle school dress code has been established.   Student dress has been shown to influence behavior and the learning environment.  The following have been approved by the Board of Education:

    1. Students are expected to wear or display the following:
      • Clothing that is hemmed and free from tears, rips, and holes, and NOT SAGGING
      • Clothing that covers undergarments, the stomach, and back. This includes not wearing leggings as pants. No sleeveless or see-through shirts or blouses are allowed.
      • School and personal property (i.e. notebooks, backpacks) that are free of graffiti, patches (refer to section 2 below), stickers, and writing.
      • Clothing and accessories worn in the manner in which they were designed to be worn (i.e. No Pajamas or slippers!)
    2. Students may NOT wear, display, or be in possession of clothing and/or accessories that:
      • Indicates an association with a group (such as taggers), gang, or crew, which is determined to be detrimental to the safety and well being of the school community.
      • Are obscene, indecent, sexually explicit, suggestive, or derogatory 
      • Promotes or advocates the use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or intoxicants of any kind 
      • Expresses or advocates racial, ethnic, or religious preference or promotes or displays violence.
      • Creates a disruption to the safe and orderly operation of the school.  

    The following are NOT allowed:

    • any head cover, bandanas, beanies, or hats
    • sunglasses
    • footwear that has metal toes, is worn in particular colors or with shoelaces in particular colors that represent gangs or racist attitudes 
    • flip-flops
    • belt buckles with initials or logos and oversized belts that hang from under apparel 
    • sweat bands, ties or rubber bands at the ankles or wrists, around cuffs, and/or hems 
    • muscle shirts (tank tops) or shirts with visible muscle shirts worn beneath them
    • jewelry/accessories that have the potential to be distracting or dangerous or to be used as weapons (including wallet chains, laser pens, electrical shocking devices), piercings, oversized hoop earrings or expensive jewelry 
    • oversized apparel (pants that will not stay at the waist without a belt) or excessive bagginess 
    • tall socks worn with shorts  
    • clothing that is overly tight, revealing, or extremely short (student’s shorts must be as long or longer than their thumbs resting at their sides)
    • leggings or yoga pants

    Habitual disregard for dress code may result in Saturday School or suspension

    School administrators will continue to evaluate issues related to appearance and clothing and will make reasonable decisions regarding dress standards that reflect the goals of safety and a positive learning environment. Parents are urged to call the Assistant Principal for clarification.

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.