Tutoring is available for all subjects
    Monday - Thursday
    1:30 pm - 3:30 pm
    After School Tutoring Google Meet Link

    Mr. Ramirez has put together the helpful video below to show you step-by-step instructions to log on to tutoring!


    Did you know virtual tutoring is offered 4 days a week?
    Check out the incentives being given by teachers.

    Chu 1 extra credit test point per time going to tutoring, as long as you are working on stuff from my class.
    Yount Make-up quiz, homework pass, extra credit
    Edwards Submit late work and makeup assignments
    Rienstra/Ferdula-Kimberly Extra credit points
    Ho Makeup assignments or quizzes
    Arellanes Extra credit
    Martinez Earn participation points
    Lewis/Mardirosians If students are showing up to tutoring and actually asking for help or getting help I'd be happy to offer extra credit in the homework/classwork or participation categories.
    Naney Replacement assignments, extra credit
    Rojas Twenty points extra credit for every 1/2 hour of tutoring spent on my class (making up missing/incomplete work).
    Deck Additional attendance points for the week
    White Will allow student to turn in late work without penalty.
    Corona Extra credit on homework assignments
    Mastrosimone 2 pts. extra credit each time student attends
    Vorndran Extra Credit (to be calculated and added at the end of the semester based on total attendance)