Pre-AP US History

  • ap us history

    The Pre-APUSH class is designed to prepare students for advanced placement classes in high school history. The primary objective of the class is student interaction with primary documents. Students will break down primary documents using the same techniques used in the high school level and write document based essays. The essays are very similar to what the students will see in a A.P. World History or the A.P. U.S. History class which will require students to use their knowledge of the content as well as their interpretation of the primary documents to write a well written essay. 

    Students will also complete various projects, some which will require the use of technology to familiarize them with the use of PowerPoint, Word, iMovie, and various other programs to complete the task at hand.
    Most importantly the class is also about teaching skills that students will be able to use not only in the high school level but also in college level such as note taking, organization, public speaking and the use of technology.