Vision Statement

  • We, the faculty and staff at Workman Elementary School, will be leaders in the educational community, providing a well rounded and diverse education that promotes life-long learning and inspires leadership among our students. We will ensure that a safe, nurturing, and challenging environment exists for everyone.

    Students will gain academic excellence, self-esteem, and pride through achievement and accomplishment. We will serve as the catalyst to strengthen community partnerships, maximizing opportunities for all students to reach their greatest potential. Workman’s top priority is improving student achievement.

    We will align all programs, professional development opportunities, resources and parental and community involvement to assist all students to perform at the proficient and advanced levels on standards-based assessments in all academic subjects. Our curriculum and instruction provide an exemplary and balanced educational program to our students.

    All students have access to highly qualified teachers who employ a variety of instructional strategies to provide a rigorous standards-based curriculum. Students will benefit from the multitude of experiences they enjoy in the arts, drama, and athletics. 

    Workman is resolute in its commitment to close the achievement gap. All students at Workman will flourish given strong instruction and appropriate interventions guided by expert leadership. A four-year college readiness culture provides a vision for excellence that permeates our school. Students will leave Workman School with a heightened awareness of how college is vital to their future success. Students will leave our school with the skills and experiences to compete with other students across the nation.