Uniform Policy

  • Mandatory Dress Code

    District K-5 schools have a mandatory uniform/standardized dress policy adopted by the Board of Education.

    Barranca Uniform Policy


    Jumpers, skirts, pants, and shorts – solid navy or tan
    Blouses, polo shirts, turtlenecks – solid navy, white or red


    Pants, shorts – solid navy or tan
    Polo shirts, turtlenecks – solid navy, white or red


    For safety reasons, closed toe shoes and straps across the heel must be worn. Sandals are not permitted.

    • No oversized or baggy gang-related clothing
    • No spaghetti straps or halter tops
    • No hoops or dangling earrings
    • No plaid or stripes
    • Make-up is not appropriate for students in elementary school.  Tattoos are considered make-up.
    • No writing, emblems, or logos not related to school programs; no jeans/denim/faux denim; corduroy is okay.


    Students who violate the dress code will be temporarily loaned a substitute uniform for the day or be directed to call home for a change of clothes.

    Students will be allowed to wear uniforms of nationally recognized youth organizations, such as Boy and Girl Scouts, on meeting days.