Parking Lot Procedures

  • Please remember that our first priority in the parking lot is safety.  Although it may seem like it is moving slowly, getting 725 students in or out of their car or safely walking home in 20 minutes is quite efficient. Following these simple guidelines will increase the efficiency of the parking lot, and ensure student safety.

    Arrival to school:

    Most important rule: Do not get out of your car for any reason in the yellow or red zones. Even if you are “just going in for a minute”. If you are getting out of your car for any reason, please pull into a parking space.

    Second most important rule: Don’t park in a handicapped space unless you are handicapped and have the proper plaque or plate. The fine for parking in a handicapped space without proper plates is $450.00.

    Third most important rule: Cones are placed in the parking lot to guide drivers in a certain direction. Please do not get out of your car and move the cones.

    If you wish to drop off your student WITHOUT getting out of the car yourself:

    • Use the right-hand lane when entering the parking lot.
    • Do not let your student get out of the car until you have cleared the parked cars and are next to a curb.
    • Pull all the way up to the stop sign or behind the car in front of you.  It is tempting to stop at the flagpole and watch your student enter the school, however, there is a staff member outside to ensure your child gets inside the gate. Pulling all the way up enables more students to get out behind you. Waiting to watch your student enter makes the cars behind also have to wait and watch your student enter.
    • DO NOT wait for a clearing and then try to turn left down the middle lane to exit. People are waiting behind you patiently to drop off their students. Exit by following the cars in front of you against the curb.
    • DO NOT pull into the parking lot in the inside lane, pass all of the parents patiently waiting, and then cut in front of them to drop your child off before them.
    • DO NOT drop your student off from the inside lane.