• Mandatory Dress Code

    District K-5 schools have a mandatory uniform/standardized dress policy adopted by the Board of Education. This policy provides an opportunity for students to dress neatly for school, and it helps students to look at others’ character instead of their attire.


    Jumpers and skirts

    Solid Navy Blue or Tan

    Long Pants, walking shorts

    Solid Navy Blue or Tan

    Collared Shirts, Turtlenecks

    Solid Navy Blue, White or Red

    Sweatshirts and Sweater

    Preferably Solid Navy Blue, White, Red or Spirit wear


    Cypress Spirit Wear, College Shirts or Reward Shirts ONLY


    Closed-toe shoes (No flip-flops or skate shoes)
    • NO oversized, baggy, and/or gang-related clothing 
    • NO Initialed belt buckles
    • NO Jeans
    • NO dangling earrings
    • NO sunglasses indoors
    • NO hats indoors

    Uniform Checklist


    Additional Notes

    • Shirts and blouses must have collars and sleeves and must be free of writing, emblems, and logos not related to school programs and must look neat. Pants must fit properly on the waist (no sagging).
    • Students who violate the dress code will be directed to call home for a change of clothes or be temporarily loaned a substitute uniform for the day. Any student out of uniform will not be allowed to participate in recess.
    • Students will be allowed to wear uniforms of nationally recognized youth organizations, such as Boy/Girl Scouts, on scheduled meeting days.
    • For safety reasons, shoes with closed toes and straps across the heel must be worn. Sandals are not permitted. Tennis shoes are ideal shoes for all school activities.
    • Students who attend any K-5 school in the Covina-Valley USD on any type of permit may not request an exemption.
    • Parents wishing to exempt their child from the mandatory dress policy must complete an application for exemption and meet with the principal on a yearly basis.  So that all students can feel a part of the Cypress community, uniform waivers are strongly discouraged.  Uniform waivers will be revoked if students do not maintain satisfactory grades, attendance, and behavior.