Negotiations Update

  • September 27, 2022 – The Covina-Valley Unified School District and our teachers’ union (CUEA) have been engaged in contract negotiations since August 2021. 

    • Pay Increase -- During these negotiations, the District has committed to increasing teacher salaries by 5.2% retroactive to July 1, 2021 -- a $16.6 million additional commitment to teacher compensation over the next four years.  We want to make sure you have the facts, so all proposals may be found below. 
    • Additional Items -- In addition to salary, the topics being negotiated include health and welfare benefits and hours of employment.
    • Stalled Last Spring – In addition to salary, the union would not agree to two key items that we presented, District medical benefit premium contributions for new employees and language addressing professional responsibilities, a topic of interest applicable to approximately 74 of the 561 members in the union.
    • Mediator Called to Assist -- Last Spring, a state-appointed mediator was brought in to help us reach an agreement. Unfortunately, five sessions with the mediator were ultimately unsuccessful. 

    Negotiations are governed by a specific legal process, which now moves us to a stage known as “fact finding,” This stage involves a three-member panel that will hear from both the District and the union and then provides an advisory (non-binding) report which will include recommendations for settlement.

    The earliest we would expect to complete the fact finding process would be early November, and we will keep you posted on our progress.

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History of Proposals