Summer Assistance Program for Classified Employees


    Timeline for the 2023-24 School Year

    • January 1, 2023: Human Resources will notify classified employees of their intent to participate in the Summer Assistance Program for the 2023-24 School Year.  This decision is irrevocable.
    • March 1, 2023: Classified employees that elect to participate in the program shall notify Payroll in writing via email at payroll@c-vusd.org.  Please click on the link below and complete the request form.

              Summer Assistance Program Request Form

           You must personally deliver your completed form to fiscal services by March 1st.  The form will include the amount you would like to withhold from your monthly pay (up to the 10% limit) and if you would like one or two payments. 

    • April 3, 2023: The District must notify the California Department of Education of their participation in the Summer Assistance Program by submitting the number of participants.
    • June 1, 2023: The District will notify you of the estimated state matching funds you can expect to receive.
    • During the 2023-24 School Year: Payroll will withhold the specified amount from your monthly paycheck.  You may not qualify to remain in this program IF your pay month status changes to 12 months or you are on an unpaid leave of absence in which your paycheck does not produce enough to cover your monthly deductions.   
    • On or before July 31, 2024: Each participating District shall request payment from the California Department of Education for the amount withheld for each participating classified employee.
    • July 2024: The first round of payments will be distributed during the month of July.  If you elected to receive your payment in one lump sum, you will receive the entire payout then.  If you elected two payments, the second payment is expected in August 2024.
    • Special Note: The amount you elected to have withheld is set and you will get 100% of your own contribution.  However, due to the State's inability to give an exact dollar amount for a dollar match, if funds allow, the District will provide you with a percentage until the State is able to provide the exact matching contribution amount.  This amount will be provided to you at a later time.

    • Once the District receives this information from the State, the District will pay the difference in the matching contribution.  The estimated notification of matching funds from the State could likely be known or paid as late as December 2024


    Payment Schedule for 2023-2024


    Payment Schedule for 180-day, 10-month, and 11-month

    • 1 payment - July 2024 (date TBD)

    • 2 payments – August 2024 (date TBD)

    Special note:  Issue dates on weekends default to the Friday before.


    CSESAP Frequently Asked Questions


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