• Mt. SAC

    Fairvalley is one of Mt. SAC's local high schools that is eligible for the Connect 4 Program.

    This allows students to apply, assess and register for classes at Mt. SAC here at Fairvalley. Students must attend all Connect 4 sessions. Our High School Outreach Representative comes to Fairvalley and meets with interested students to help them with the application process.

    Follow steps 1 through 4 and receive support services that will lead to receiving Early Registration for your first Fall semester. Go to MT. SAC Connect 4

    1. Apply for Fall admission at your high school
    2. Take the Assessment Test at your high school
    3. Attend New Student Orientation + Ed Plan at Mt. SAC
    4. Register on your Early Registration date 

    Please contact Mrs. Monica Chindlund in the College and Career Center for more information.