District Volunteer Requirements

    1. Volunteers

      All volunteers must complete an application and allow our office to scan and get a copy of a valid CA Driver’s License or CA Identification Card.

      Volunteers are expected to follow an appropriate dress code. Clothes should fit correctly, not show excessive skin, be an appropriate length, and not contain disrespectful logos/sayings/pictures. We consider our volunteers to be very important role models. The way volunteers dress and behave on campus should support our college and career readiness goals.

      CONFIDENTIALITY!! As a volunteer, you may observe or hear students receive praise and/or consequences for their choices and behavior. It is never appropriate to speak to other parents about students; for example, sharing with a parent(s) about the poor behavior of a child that is or is not theirs. Please be respectful of our students’ feelings and reputations. Consider this, how you would feel if other parents were talking about your child?

      You may also observe conversations between staff members. Please do not share what you observe or hear with other parents. If you have a concern about something you have seen or heard, please ask to see the Principal.

      FIELD TRIPS- Teachers may choose to ask parents to chaperone a field trip. Parents may not attend a field trip without proper clearance, fingerprints, and a TB test (at their personal expense). The office and Parent Cub Hub have the necessary forms and can help you with the clearance process.



      1. How often do I have to renew my fingerprints?

                      Once you submit your Live Scan fingerprints to the district, you DO NOT have to renew them again. 

                  2. How often do I have to take my TB exam?

                       Your TB results are good for four years. Once it expires, you will have to do the TB test again.

                   3. What do I do with my Live Scan and TB documents once I have them completed? 

                        You will need to upload your documents to your computer as PDF files. Once they are on your device,

                         you will attach them to your online application. 

                         Please keep your hard copies in a secure spot at home, for future reference.