Parking Lot Procedures

  • Manzanita Elementary School

    New Student Drop-Off and Pick-Up Procedures


    Important Information!

    Stop Sign


    Prior to start of the school day, all students will be dropped off along the red curb directly in front of the school.

    At dismissal, students will be escorted to front of school for pick up along the curb.  Siblings will be asked to stand together for quicker pick-up.

    Kindergarten students will be dismissed from the kinder yard gate. On Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday - Kinder parents can walk on to pick up child from the room. On Tuesdays, Kinder parents please use the valet lane or park. Do not block or park in our valet lane at any time on Tuesdays, 

    Dismissal for 1-2 - Please use valet lane closest to the school. Parents, please do not park at the red curb. This is for loading and unloading only. If student is not ready for immediate exit of vehicles, please park in a parking space.

    Dismissal for 3-5 - Please use the 2nd valet lane behind the 1st row of cars. Teachers will be using walkies to escort your child to the car. 

    Tuesday is RIGHT TURN ONLY from the parking lot to help ease traffic

    Use the main crosswalk in the center of the parking lot.  Don't cross traffic lanes, please use the cross walk.

    If it is raining at dismissal, students will be released from classrooms.  Please park vehicles in parking space and pick up students from classroom.

    Thank you parents, as we work together to keep all students safe.