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  • California Gold Ribbon Schools Award

    Gold Ribbon SchoolThe California Gold Ribbon Schools Award spotlights schools across the state that have achieved remarkable progress in implementing academic content and performance standards set by the State Board of Education, including the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Mathematics, California English Language Development Standards, and Next Generation Science Standards, particularly for English learners, with the recognition based on improved student outcomes as evidenced by Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) scores and other measures.

    California Pivotal Practice Award

    California Pivital PracticeThe California Pivotal Practice (CAPP) Award, part of the California School Recognition Program, is a 2022 initiative by the California Department of Education (CDE) to celebrate educational excellence, honoring schools, districts, teachers, students, and classified employees. This award temporarily replaces the California Distinguished Schools Program for 2022, recognizing innovative practices implemented during the 2020–21 school year's mandatory distance learning due to COVID-19, with plans to revert to the Distinguished Schools Program in 2023.

    California Distinguished School Award

    Distinguished SchoolThe California Distinguished School Award, established in 1985 by the California Department of Education as part of the California School Recognition Program, honors approximately five percent of state schools annually for their exemplary and inspiring educational programs, significant gains in narrowing the achievement gap, and progress on state indicators such as the No Child Left Behind program, Academic Performance Index, and Adequate Yearly Progress, with these outstanding schools holding the title for two years and recognized alternately among elementary, middle, and high schools.

    Title 1 Academic Achievement Award

    Title I Achievement AwardThe Title I Academic Achievement Award, designated for schools receiving federal Title I funds as authorized by the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, is a key part of California's Title I program, the most substantial federal educational initiative for K-12 public education. This program supports schools in meeting the educational needs of students living at or near poverty levels. Among the more than 9,000 schools in California, over 6,000 participate in the Title I program. The award's criteria have become more rigorous in recent years, demanding that schools not only show significant progress toward proficiency in California's academic content standards for all students but also ensure that their socioeconomically disadvantaged students have doubled the achievement targets set for them over two consecutive years.

    California National Forum - Schools to Watch Award

    National Forum School to WatchThe Schools to Watch® initiative, led by the National Forum, identifies and recognizes high-performing middle-grade schools across the United States. These schools are celebrated for meeting the Forum's criteria for high performance, characterized by academic excellence, developmental responsiveness, and social equity. To maintain this high level of performance, these schools establish supportive norms, structures, and organizational arrangements, driven by a clear sense of purpose that influences all aspects of practice and decision-making. Following an approved application, a validation visit is conducted, and if the school meets all qualifications, it is designated as a California School to Watch and subsequently a National School to Watch. Our exemplary middle schools serve as role models, showcasing educational innovation and a vibrant school community that effectively engages and educates students during a pivotal stage in their K–12 journey.

    Model Continuation High School Recognition Award

    Model SchoolThe Model Continuation High School (MCHS) Recognition Program serves to identify and honor exceptional continuation high schools, that offer comprehensive services to at-risk youth through exemplary instructional strategies, flexible scheduling, and guidance and counseling services. Additionally, the program compiles a list of these model schools, making it available for educational visitations and reference.

    U.S. News and World Report Best Elementary Schools

    Best Elementary SchoolsThe U.S. News and World Report Best Elementary Schools ranking is an annual evaluation conducted by U.S. News & World Report, a well-known American media company. This ranking assesses public elementary schools across the United States, providing a comprehensive analysis and comparison based on various factors. These factors typically include academic performance, with a focus on math and reading proficiency, as well as the performance of disadvantaged students, including those from low-income households or who are English language learners. The aim of this ranking is to offer parents, educators, and policymakers a clear view of the quality of education provided by elementary schools, helping them make informed decisions. The Best Elementary Schools ranking is part of U.S. News & World Report's broader effort to evaluate and report on educational institutions at various levels.

    State School of Character

    State School of CharacterThe State School of Character Award recognizes schools that excel in character education, positively influencing academic achievement, student behavior, and overall school climate. This award, part of an initiative by, is given to schools that effectively implement character-building principles, including moral action, leadership, and community involvement. Recognized schools demonstrate successful character education programs that serve as exemplary models for others, highlighting their commitment to developing well-rounded students who excel both in character and academics.

    CSBA Golden Bell Winner

    Golden BellThe CSBA Golden Bell Awards, presented by the California School Boards Association (CSBA), are a prestigious recognition program in the state of California. These awards honor outstanding public school programs for innovation, sustainability, and best practices that facilitate positive student outcomes. The Golden Bell Awards highlight exemplary programs in a variety of categories, ranging from academic interventions and special education to health and wellness, community engagement, and more. The goal of these awards is to showcase effective and replicable programs that can serve as models for other schools and districts seeking to improve their own practices. Winning a Golden Bell Award is a significant achievement for schools and districts, as it acknowledges their commitment to excellence and their success in addressing the diverse needs of students in California.

    Supporting Inclusive Practices Grant

    SIPThe Supporting Inclusive Practices (SIP) grant, facilitated by the California Department of Education, is a program designed to promote inclusive education in schools across California. The primary goal of the SIP grant is to support educational practices that ensure students with disabilities have access to and participate in general education settings alongside their non-disabled peers to the maximum extent appropriate. This initiative focuses on providing resources, training, and technical assistance to schools and educators to help them implement inclusive practices effectively. By doing so, the SIP grant aims to enhance educational outcomes for students with disabilities, fostering an environment of diversity, equity, and inclusion within the educational system.

    IB World School Award

    IB The IB World School Award recognizes school districts that have successfully implemented one or more of the International Baccalaureate (IB) programs, known for their rigorous and high-quality education. This prestigious award signifies a school district's commitment to offering a globally focused, inquiry-based curriculum designed to develop knowledgeable, caring, and inquisitive students. Achieving this status reflects the district's dedication to providing an exceptional educational experience that prepares students to be active and compassionate lifelong learners in a global community.

    AVID National Demonstration School

    AVID Demonstration SchoolAVID National Demonstration Schools are outstanding examples of the AVID College Readiness System. They go through a detailed validation process and are regularly checked to ensure they consistently apply AVID strategies throughout the school. When visiting these schools, you'll see:

    • AVID's schoolwide approach to preparing every student for college.
    • Schoolwide student success and achievement.
    • Strong leadership committed to making college readiness possible for all students.
    • A hub for sharing and learning the best AVID practices.
    • A team of dedicated AVID-trained educators.
    • Excellent examples of AVID's interactive tutorials in both the AVID Elective and some regular classes.
    • A vibrant display of how a strong AVID program can create a college-ready culture for all students.

    Pre-AP College Board

    Pre-AP College BoardCovina-Valley Unified School District has received recognition for its award-winning Pre-AP program, a testament to its commitment to academic excellence and student preparedness. This program, aligned with the College Board's framework, equips students with the critical skills and knowledge needed for success in Advanced Placement courses and college-level studies. The district's effective implementation of the Pre-AP program highlights its dedication to providing high-quality education and enhancing student readiness for higher academic challenges and future educational endeavors.

    California Business for Education Excellence

    California Business for Education ExcellenceThe California Business for Education Excellence (CBEE) award, also known as the Honor Roll award, is presented by the Educational Results Partnership (ERP) and the Campaign for Business and Education Excellence. This award recognizes public schools and school districts in California for demonstrating consistently high levels of student academic achievement, improvement in achievement levels over time, and reduction in achievement gaps among student populations. The criteria for this award are based on a comprehensive analysis of student performance data, including standardized test scores, and are designed to identify schools and districts that are effectively preparing their students for college and careers. Schools receiving this award are seen as models of excellence and best practices that other educational institutions can emulate.

    AP Capstone Diploma

    AP CapstoneThe AP Capstone Diploma, awarded by the College Board, is given to high school students who successfully complete a rigorous program that includes two year-long courses—AP Seminar and AP Research—and score a 3 or higher on these, as well as on four additional AP exams. In AP Seminars, students develop skills in research, analysis, and presentation, while AP Research allows them to conduct an in-depth study on a topic of their choice, culminating in a detailed paper and presentation. This diploma is recognized by educational institutions as a sign of exceptional academic achievement and advanced skills in research, writing, and critical thinking.

    Educational Results Partnership

    Educational Results PartnershipThe Covina-Valley Unified School District partners with Educational Results Partnership (ERP), a non-profit leveraging data science to enhance student outcomes and career readiness. This collaboration brings together ERP's extensive database and analytics expertise with our commitment to educational equity. Together, we focus on improving academic and workforce outcomes for all students, including those from underrepresented backgrounds. Our joint efforts aim to ensure that every student is prepared with the skills required for success in today's global economy.

    California Reading Report Card

    California Reading Report CardThe CA Reading Coalition's ranking of school districts, based on English Language Arts (ELA) achievement among third graders, highlights the crucial role of early reading skills in long-term academic success. In this evaluation, Covina-Valley Unified School District stood out as a high performer, showcasing effective teaching and management practices in reading education. The focus of the rankings on socio-economically disadvantaged Hispanic/Latino third-graders revealed that the key factors driving student reading achievement are the district's focus, management practices, and curriculum choices, rather than the level of resources or the backgrounds of the students.

    Innovate Public Schools

    Innovative Public SchoolsThe Innovate Public Schools award, presented by the nonprofit organization Innovate Public Schools, recognizes schools, educators, and educational programs that have significantly improved student outcomes, especially for low-income students and students of color. This award highlights achievements in academic excellence, innovative teaching methods, effective leadership, and strong community engagement, aiming to celebrate and promote successful models in public education that address and close achievement gaps.