• ASB Commissioner Positions


    ASB Secretaries/Treasurers are responsible for maintaining accurate minutes and records of all general ASB meetings and Cabinet meetings. With this position also comes the responsibility for all official correspondence between the branches of government, aiding in correspondence with the student body, assisting the President or Vice President in organizational duties, and helping with all ASB activities. Students would oversee the finances as well who work closely with the ASB Assistant to process all ASB check requests and submitting them to the ASB for approval.

    Secretary of Activities is responsible for organizing Homecoming Coronation, the Homecoming Dance, Winter/Spring Coronation, Winter/Spring Dance, and other activities deemed appropriate by the ASB Presidents, Cabinets, or ASB Director. They also oversee Light Up The Night.

    Secretary of Athletics is responsible for coordinating all publicity concerning both boys and girls athletics in the daily bulletin and on posters around campus. The Secretary of Athletics organizes all intramural competitions including but not limited to: Dodgeball, Ping Pong, and Volleyball. They also assist in the organization of Powderpuff Football. Secretaries of Athletics should communicate with every coach on campus and facilitate any Senior Nights that coaches want ASB help with.

    Secretary of Publicity is responsible for publicizing all ASB events. This involves making posters and fliers, decorating display cases, updating the marquee, and producing the daily bulletin. The Secretary of Publicity should be responsible for keeping the students store up to date with upcoming events.

    Optics Commissioners are responsible for setting up and operating audio/visual equipment for all ASB events including, but not limited to, school-wide rallies, mini-rallies, assemblies, and break and lunchtime activities. They are in charge of all photographing events. The Optics team is responsible for filming, taking pictures, and running the rally lighting, audio, and visual. Optics commissioners should be making weekly photogrid graphics to post on South Hills social media devices. Lastly, Optics are expected to assist the Technology team when asked.

    Technology is responsible for South Hills ASB videos and the South Hills ASB YouTube account. The Technology team will be responsible for the Rally Sports Videos, for the South Hills Showcase Videos, and for any projects per administration or ASB Director. This is a crucial position for South Hills ASB to continue its branding, video development, and marketing. Experience with Final Cut Pro is recommended with this position but is not mandatory.

    Rallies Commissioner is responsible for leading the ASB in planning all rallies and promoting spirit on the campus. The Rallies team works closely with the Activities Director, Pep Squads, Band, Athletic Teams, Drama Department, Class Presidents, staff, and the general student body to ensure participation in rallies among all groups of students. The Rallies Commissioners also participates in all other ASB activities. Rallies commissioners are responsible for Spirit Weeks through out the school year. 

    Havoc in the Hills Commissioners are responsible in assisting in executing the annual night rally known as Havoc in the Hills. They are the last to leave the set ups and tear downs for Havoc in the Hills and they are in charge of all promotional purposes for the night rally. They also assume the responsibilities for scoring the event with assistance from the Activities Director. Havoc should be very engaged with school culture and campus events. They should be committed to showcasing school spirit at Havoc but also at any other South Hills event.

    Assembly - The ASB Assembly shall consist of not more than ten members per grade.  Assembly members shall participate in an application and interview process and shall be appointed by the Activities Director, President and Vice President.  The Assembly shall serve in an advisory role to the ASB cabinets and shall assist with the organization and implementation of all ASB activities and fundraisers.

    Moxie Commissioners: Bring Spirit to South Hills!