Student Achievement

  • Covina-Valley follows the seven-year State Framework Development and Textbook Adoption timeline and uses the State-approved Content Standards, Content Frameworks, and instructional materials to deliver a strong academic curriculum to all students. All teachers use a wide range of assessment information to modify curriculum and instruction to improve student achievement that leads to life-long learning.

    Advanced Placement Courses (AP)

    AP courses are open access for high-achieving, highly motivated students allowing them the opportunity to earn college credit while completing requirements for high school graduation. Upon receipt of a qualifying score on an AP exam, some colleges and universities grant college credit.

    Graduation Prospects

    Covina-Valley students are recruited by major universities and colleges nationwide. Each year, graduates earn in excess of $1 million in scholarships to colleges and universities.

    Language Arts Materials

    Students use adopted language arts materials that are aligned to the California State Language Arts Content Standards. These materials help our students become fluent readers, skilled writers, articulate speakers, and thoughtful listeners.