Trauma and Grief Team

  • The Covina-Valley Unified School District has established and trained a Trauma and Grief response team to provide support following a school or community disaster or crisis.

    The Trauma and Grief response team is made up of specially trained district psychologists and licensed counselors who can be called upon to respond to any crisis that temporarily immobilizes the effective functioning of our school systems. Our Trauma and Grief team provides psychological first aid, which is an intervention designed to provide initial help and follow-up support in order to restore the school community to a place where students feel safe and secure as soon as possible. After the initial psychological first aid, the team provides debriefing for the staff and administrators, as well as follow-up resources for on-going counseling for students that may need it.

    The Covina-Valley Trauma and Grief team has successfully responded to many crisis incidents in our schools over the years and continues to be ready to respond to any crisis affecting our school communities.