English Language Development

  • The English Language Development program at Covina High School provides English language support at three levels. Beginner and early intermediate students are placed in ELD 1 for two periods of support per day. ELD 2, for intermediate students is offered as support to their language development. Early advanced and advanced students are placed into ELD 3. Students in ELD 2 and ELD 3 are placed into a college preparatory English class utilizing SDAIE strategies at their grade level.

    Covina High School also utilizes Read 180. Read 180 is a targeted intervention for students who need to develop grade level fluency in reading. English Language learners are placed into this class based on reading assessments given during state testing. Lexile tests are utilized to determine progress in the Read 180 program. Covina High School also offers an after-school tutoring program for English Language Learners, which offers 5 credits per semester.