Vision and Mission Statements

  • The school's Vision and Mission Statements, updated yearly through collaboration between all members of the school community - from businesses to parents, administrators to students - encapsulates the school's constant drive toward success:

    Vision Statement

    Our students will be independent, resilient, life-long learners who have the skills necessary to succeed in a global society.

    Mission Statement

    The core purpose of Northview High School is to establish and empower a community of problem solvers who effectively collaborate, think critically, and communicate.

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Resolve to Evolve


    As we continue our Journey as a Focused School, we have defined what we believe to be SUCCESS for our Vikings. It reads as follows:

    "Success is a personal journey which requires self-discipline and perseverance. Success is embodied in personal and social responsibility, integrity, and commitment to the education necessary to attain one’s life goals." 

    At Northview, we Resolve to Evolve

    We are committed to the endeavors that will create students that are EXPERT PROBLEM SOLVERS.

    The three pillars to Problem Solving are:


    The Northview Instructional Focus was developed through the collaborative efforts of our teaching staff.

    Northview is committed to a school-wide effort to have all NHS students be expert problem solvers. Students will show measurable growth through the implementation of strategies that promote critical thinking, collaborating and effectively communicating as measured by department generated common assessments, grade distributions, a-g completion rates, district-wide writing assessments, and CAASPP scores.