• Mission and Vision Statement

    The Mission of Fairvalley High School is to provide students with the opportunity to pursue their educational goals in a safe, supportive and academically rich environment.  The staff believes that students differ in needs, abilities, learning styles, and is committed to providing a standards-based educational program in which students will experience learning through problem-solving, hands-on experiences, use of technology, and active research in collaborative settings.

    Fairvalley High School's Vision/Pledge Statement

    As an educator at Fairvalley I recognize that all students are capable of learning. I share the responsibility for student outcomes. My focus will be on academic rigor, character education, career exploration and workplace readiness.

    As a student at Fairvalley I recognize that my main goal is the mastery of basic skills and the core curriculum needed to meet graduation requirements. Beyond that I will foster the ideals of respect, responsibility, and citizenship. I am ultimately responsible for my academic success and personal growth.

    As a team both staff and students at Fairvalley we will work together with the common goal of preparing students for the next step.

    This belief is at the heart of Fairvalley's mission of helping and empowering each student.  Therefore, the school provides a nurturing and encouraging environment embedded with high expectations to guide the students to become life-long learners and stakeholders in the global, multi-cultural society of the 21st Century.