• Mission and Vision Statement

    Fairvalley strives to create a culture that emphasizes academic rigor and student learning. We provide an environment that supports each individual’s unique emotional, social and academic needs. Fairvalley and its stakeholders believe that improving literacy and written expression helps cultivate success in all subject areas. As a Focused School, we have incorporated an emphasis on writing across the curriculum. Our 6-week grading block system facilitates collaboration with stakeholders, provides students with focused academic goals leading to increased academic achievement and accountability. Quarterly assessments in reading, written expression and math are part of the Fairvalley culture and drive instructional practices. Fairvalley strives to enhance the holistic student experience by offering extracurricular activities to interested students.



    Staff Commitment

    As teachers, we believe in the power of collective teacher efficacy. Using the California Common Core State Standards as a guide, we create lessons using a variety of instructional strategies that meet the diverse needs of our students. Every classroom emphasizes writing across the curriculum. We believe this enhances learning in all subject areas and ensures that our students are prepared to excel in post-graduation, college and career opportunities. Our role as learning partners with students is the foundation for academic success.

    Student Statement

    We the students of Fairvalley are very hardworking and strive to do our best in every class. Our teachers motivate us to come every day to increase our learning. Our teachers influence us positively and help us make good choices. We are surrounded by a culture of support and positive energy which pushes us to excel, with encouragement and guidance by the entire staff in setting goals for our future.