School Profile

  • Northview High School is nestled in one of the many valleys of the San Gabriel Mountains; our school  sits on 43 park like acres in the northwest section of the City of Covina in the county of Los Angeles.  We welcomed our first class of students in the 1959-1960 school year, and we have been serving the community with excellence in education ever since.  As one of three comprehensive high schools in the Covina-Valley Unified School District, our campus has experienced change and growth throughout its years of service to the community.

    The two communities that we service, Covina and Irwindale, have a Latin American population of 48.7% and 92% respectively.  Notably, a significant percentage of our students abide in either broken homes or multi-generational homes.  

    In addition to drawing students from the cities of Covina and Irwindale, our school also attracts students from surrounding cities, including Azusa, West Covina, and Baldwin Park.  All three of these communities also have a large Latino based population.  Students come from these surrounding cities to take part in programs that are not offered at their zoned schools.  As a result, our campus is home to an amalgamation of backgrounds and continues to strive for a definitively multi-cultural atmosphere.

    Both Covina and Irwindale have seen a growth in population in the past few years and a decrease in crime.  The median home price in Covina as of 2013 was $371,000 and $350,000 in Irwindale.  The average household income for both cities is roughly $63,000.  Covina has a population of close to 48,500.  The ethnic breakdown of the population in Covina is 52.4% Hispanic, 29.9% White only, 11.9% Asian alone, 4.2% African American alone, 4.8% declared two or more races, .2% American Native alone, .2% other race alone, and .02% Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander.  Irwindale, which sits to the Northwest of the campus, has a population of just over 1,400.  It is an industrialized city that houses numerous businesses and has a work population of over 40,000.  The ethnic breakdown in Irwindale is 93.7% Hispanic, 4.2% White, 1.6% African American, and .5% Asian.

    Orange groves once covered the area that is now inhabited by the school and as the physical landscape has changed so has the socioeconomic make-up of the surrounding community. Once populated by predominantly white middle-income property owners, the community is now largely made up of Latino-inhabited subdivisions and apartment buildings. In addition to drawing students from the cities of Covina and Irwindale, the school also attracts students from surrounding cities, including Azusa, West Covina, and Baldwin Park for programs that are not offered at their zoned schools. As a result, Northview High School is home to an amalgamation of backgrounds and continues to strive for a definitive multi-cultural atmosphere.

    The campus, which is admired for its park like atmosphere teeming with beautiful blossoming trees and shrubs, garden areas and benches, accommodates a population close to 1,600 students and 123 staff/faculty/administrative members. The site is comprised of 57 permanent classrooms and laboratories, 10 portable classrooms, one administrative building, a cafeteria, a gymnasium, a library, a music building, a track and field course, a junior varsity football field, a state of the art varsity baseball field, a junior varsity baseball field, a junior varsity softball field, a varsity softball field, and multiple tennis courts. During the fall of 2011, the “B” building is received a makeover which included the construction of a television studio as part of the coming FAME Academy (Fine Arts, Media, and Entertainment) to Northview High School. The facility will incorporate state of the art technology on par with channel 4 news. Each facility provides both students and faculty with the enrichment needed to succeed academically and athletically.

    Northview High School has maintained strong ties with both of the major communities it serves. Irwindale, which lies to the northwest of the school, and Covina are both communities that provide an array of support to the school. The school works closely with both the Irwindale and Covina Lions Clubs through their annual Scholarship Speech Contest. Northview also supports student involvement in both the Irwindale and Covina Teen/Youth Government Clubs. The communities work closely with the schools to offer supplemental tutoring programs through the Irwindale and Covina Libraries, and a myriad of business, mostly from the beautifully scenic strand of downtown Covina, provide our sports with sponsorships and meal services. Northview takes pride in working with the Rotarians and Kiwanis clubs in our community and will continue to reach out to all who are vested in the success of our students and our combined success as a community.

    Seen by many as the little engine that could, Northview High School has been recognized by WASC for its value in providing quality education for decades. Since 1970, each visiting committee has graciously seen fit to grant Northview six-year terms. Parallel to this stellar achievement, in the 2004-2005 school year, Northview High School was both nominated for and received California Distinguished School status. As the school continues to hold these accolades as a barometer of success, the school stakeholders continue to work hard to create and maintain programs that will help the school garner continued success and Northview look forward to the upcoming WASC full visit in 2019.

    The school’s vision statement is always a work in progress. As the school community strives and attains the vision it has created throughout the years, the vision begins to evolve as the community aspires to reach new heights in creating, not only academically and socially savvy citizens, but also citizens who are prepared to enter a technologically calculating future. When Northview’s community of parents, business partners, teachers, administrators and students gather to create a vision of what a future Northview should be, our purpose becomes clear. The school's new vision is in progress as focus and home groups work together to bring 21st Century Skills into the statement.

    Much of the recent success at Northview can be attributed to a change in the school schedule and in teacher collaboration. In the fall of 2006, Northview embarked on a challenging seven-period day schedule. This schedule was designed to assist students in need of intervention by allowing for tutoring or other forms of intervention within the school day. Students, particularly those described as a significant subgroup based on STAR data, are assessed and assigned intervention based on meeting teacher made targets. In addition, the schedule would allow NHS to pursue WASC's Visiting Committee's critical areas of need: increasing ELA proficiency; increasing math proficiency; and building an academic culture on campus. Students have the opportunity to take a Guided Study course, serve as a Peer Tutor, or have a free period depending on his/her academic needs. Students are rewarded for their academic progress by earning a free period or off-campus lunch. In addition, the 7th period day has allowed all departments to share common planning time in order to develop common formative assessments, examine data, and identify best teaching practices in their curriculum following the DuFour's Professional Learning Community model. 

    Academically, Northview has witnessed steady gains in many areas however much work is ahead to increase academic achievement for significant subgroups and as a school in order to meet mandated LCAP goals. Critical areas for follow up are listed in the following paragraphs.

    To address subgroup achievement, both MATH and ELA staff are receiving training in developing lessons to best address the standards as well as assessments to identify shortcomings. Each PLC group will determine the best course of action as a result of assessments and thorough examination of data.

    The school, based on previous WASC recommendations and a school and district culture in support of building a college going student body, continues to support Advanced Placement opportunities for all. The AP program has increased in recent years through the hard work of our counselors and AP teachers who follow an open enrollment policy. Current offerings in Advanced Placement have been expanded to include AP Art 2D to increase students taking advantage of the rigorous curriculum in Fine Arts. AP Human Geography for 9th grade students was recently added.

    Northview takes pride in the many programs offered to our students:  Renaissance, AVID, CTE, ROP, E3L (English Language Learner Leaders), Naviance, Saturday Academic School and various extra-curricular activities and sports.