Alumni / Visitors

  • Visitors on Campus

    The fundamental responsibility at Northview High School is the instruction of and attention on the current Northview student. Visitors who are not employed by the district should have instruction or school-related business to accomplish. A coach may have former students arrive to campus in order to participate in practices but, in those instances, the visitor is not permitted to loiter around campus.

    Guidelines and Procedures

    Any visitor to the campus must check in with the Principal or one of the Assistant Principals for clearance to visit the campus or classrooms.

    The Principal or one of the Assistant Principals will determine if the nature of the visit is acceptable and will notify staff concerned if the visit is approved. The Principal or an Assistant Principal will authorize the visit only if it will not adversely affect the instructional program of the school and if the visit is related to school business.

    Teachers should indicate to the Principal or Assistant Principal if the requested visit will interfere with the instructional activities in their classrooms. In addition, teachers can request a visitor for a class or a school day by contacting the Principal or Assistant Principal. Approved visitors will be issued a yellow visitor's pass by the Principal's secretary that they must display on the left side of their chest.